Become An Agent

To become a bail agent in Mississippi, you must be Twenty-one (21) years old with no criminal record. You cannot be a law enforcement officer or a law enforcemnt officers spouse nor can you be a practicing attorney.  You cannot be related to a law enforcement officer or judicial official in the county where you write bonds.  You must successfully complete a forty (40) hour pre-licensing class, pass an examination and complete the application process which includes submission of fingerprints and a photograph.  The 40 hour class cost $850.00 and  is only taught  online by the Mississippi Bail Agents Association. (MS Bonding will not accept prelicense classes or CE classes taught by any other entity except the MBAA)   Depending on the type of license, the fees range from Forty Dollars ($40.00) to One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) to the Mississippi Insurance Department (MID).  Additionally, you must pass an examination administered by the MID that will cost approximately $100.00 and you must be fingerprinted by MID which will cost $50.00.   After the first year, an agent is required to have 8 hours of continuing education per year in order to maintain their license.

If you are ready to become a bail agent for Mississippi Bonding Company, please download the APPLICATION FOR BAIL AGENT below, complete, sign and either fax it to 601-353-3295 or mail it to the address on the application.  DO NOT EMAIL the application; it has your personal information and email is not safe. 

 For more information call 601-948-2245

Click here to download the

If you are not from Mississippi and you are interested in becoming a bail agent, the best way is to contact a local agency in your area.