How do I become a Recovery Agent in Mississippi?

How do I become a Recovery Agent?

By:  Mississippi Bonding Company

Date Published: October 17, 2017

I have had a bunch of people call me over the last week to ask me "How do I become a recovery agent (or bail enforcement agent or even bounty hunter) in Mississippi?"   Dog the Bounty Hunter show must be showing reruns or Midnight Run has been back on TV!   I used to try to discourage folks from doing that because it’s hard to make any real money, but I’ve realized that most of the people want to try it for other reasons.  If you want to become a recovery agent in Mississippi – let’s start by calling it by the real name – in Mississippi they’re called a Bail Enforcement Agent.

To become a Mississippi Bail Enforcement Agent, you will have to take a forty hour pre-license class which is taught by the Mississippi Bail Agents Association.  The class is taught over 4 days – 10 hours a day – and is taught at the Hinds Community College Eagle Ridge Conference Center in Raymond, Mississippi. The class registration fee is $1,350.00 for early registration.   If you’re coming from out of town, you can stay at Eagle Ridge or one of the hotels up in Clinton – but it’s going to cost you about $500.00 more to drive, stay and eat.   In addition to the class, you will have to get fingerprinted by the Mississippi Insurance Department which cost $50.00 and you will have to take a pre-license test which is another $80.00 and then you will need to pay for your license, which is $40.00.  In order to get a license, you must find a Professional Bail Agent who will appoint you and additionally you must be licensed by every Professional Bail Agent that you work for, which is another $40.00 for each one of those licenses.   At any rate, for about $2,000.00 you can become a Mississippi Bail Enforcement Agent.

The next pre-license class is October 30 – November 2nd.    If you want to get signed up for the next course, go to:   #msbonding #becomeabailrecoveryagent #becomeabailenforcementagent

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