How to Find a Loved One in Jail?

How to Find a Loved One in Jail?

By:  Mississippi Bonding Company

Date Published: March 29, 2018

The one thing that almost all of us have in common is a dread of a phone call or worse, a knock on a door in the middle of the night.  I’ve learned that nothing good happens between midnight and daylight.  Many times during the night, a bail agent’s phone rings and it’s a panicked love one on the other end because either the loved one themselves or someone who witnessed it has called them and told them that their loved one is going to jail.   And most of the time, they don’t know where they were being taken to jail. 

First remember to breath!  Then call the closest Mississippi Bonding Company bail agent and let us help you.  If you happen to be reading this before you get the call, please make sure you get all the information you can from whoever you’re talking to – especially the specific place they were arrested and which agency arrested them.  We will need to play twenty questions with you to try to figure out the right information in order to determine where your loved one is in jail – but we will find them.  The bad part is there is no one place to find this information so you must have a very good understanding of the system in order to ask the correct questions to locate them.  And there are jails – like the Hinds County Detention Center that can take hours before the person is booked in and any information will be provided.   If your loved one is picked up by an investigator, they may go to that investigative office and stay there for several hours before they go to the jail – this is especially true if the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics or a federal agency is the arresting agency.  If the loved one is allowed to call you, question them as specifically as you can about where they are – the name of the jail and the jail phone number helps the most.   So above all, be patient.  And remember, we can help you.

There is another way you can make sure that we know where you are if you go to jail.  You can download the Mississippi Bonding Company App  (Apple App)  (Google App)  to your phone, complete the information in the panic button on the app and if you see that you’re about to be arrested, just hit the panic button.  By the time you get to the jail, the closest agent will have contacted the loved one you put in the app and will already be working on getting you released.

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